Reynolds Logisticks

European Transport Company of the year 2012


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Reynolds Logistics, as one of the leading lubricant and fuel logistics specialists today has expanded our presence in the UK with the opening of our UK head office, Reynolds Logistics Centre.
‘Over the past three years, Reynolds Logistics UK Ltd has expanded by over 400%’ says Chris Dalton, Commercial Director. ‘We have restructured the business forming two dedicated divisions

Mini Bulk providing IBC pump off for our lubricant customers,
Bulk (+10,000 litres) for lubricants and fuels within the UK as well as to and from Europe.
With Reynolds’ growing success in the market, we needed to upgrade our office and vehicle operation facilities. The new site encompasses a stand-alone two story office facility, and a 3.5 acre concreted area for vehicle operations.

Lightweight Trucks

We have recently added 6 new Mercedes Axor lightweight tractor unit’s to our Irish fleet. The Axor’s are upto 600KG lighter then the vehicles they replace. When used to deliver fuels the vehicles will enable load size to be increased by up to 1000 Litres when the tractor units are used with light weight tankers. The introduction of these vehicles underlines our commitment to continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency in our operations.