Reynolds Logisticks

European Transport Company of the year 2012


Reynolds Logistics employ advanced technology in a number of areas of our operation including transport management, vehicle optimisation, on truck computers, vehicle telematics, business intelligence and our customer web portal.
Technology is an important part of our strategy and is employed to enhance our customer service and ensure we have efficient operations.
Our vehicle optimisation software is provided by Bottom Line to centralise transport planning, with eCom ATEX tablets used for sign on glass proof of delivery. Our advanced telematics solution which is fitted to all of our vehicles is provided by Fleetboard and Masternaut, the telematics solution provides vehicle tracking and driver performance information through advanced analysis instruments.
These systems enable Reynolds Logistics to ensure our fleet is both scheduled and operated efficiently while giving customers access to real time information about their orders.
A map of our truck locations:

A sample map of our truck locations: